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ODLAA is committed to supporting other professional associations with allied goals. Formal arrangements of affiliation are negotiated on an individual basis and generally include a degree of reciprocity between organisations.

International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)

ODLAA has recently become an associate member of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), the global membership organisation of educational institutions, national and regional associations, corporations, educational authorities and agencies in the fields of open learning, distance education, and flexible, lifelong learning. ICDE represents a network of expertise in flexible learning and teaching spanning sixty countries on every continent and exists to foster international collaboration.

Benefits of this relationship for ODLAA members include:

  • Invitations to play a role in ICDE task forces and projects, and the opportunity to make our regional perspective heard in international debate
  • The opportunity to launch activities and events in partnership with ICDE, including ICDE International conferences
  • Promoting and enabling links between your ODLAA members and ICDE members
  • The dissemination of your news to, and opportunity to gain input to your projects and initiatives from, a global audience through the ICDE website and newsletter service
  • Profiling of ODLAA under a dedicated associate member section of the ICDE website
  • Sharing knowledge about the good standing of institutions.


The contribution of sponsors to particular events and the ongoing support of ODLAA is greatly appreciated. Conference sponsors are recognised on our conference websites.

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