Editor and Administrator Guides

This content is only accessible to Editors and Administrators of the ODLAA web site who are logged in to the site.

The first part consists of selected, publicly available, generic tutorial videos about using WordPress. These cover the basic aspects of using any WordPress site. Videos marked with an asterix * show basic functionality that has been specifically enhanced in the ODLAA web site. You will need to view site specific information about how to manage the functions described in those videos.

Site specific guides will be included on this page for Editors and Administrators as it is developed.

An introduction to WordPress.

Posts versus Pages.

The publish panel.

Categories versus Tags.

Creating a post.

Revising a post.

Creating a page.

Working with images.

Working with links.

Cutomising menus.

Managing users.(*)

The WordPress dashboard.

The posts inteface.

Post formats.

Categories versus Tags.

Managing and editing a post.

The pages interface.

Managing pages.

Working with audio and video.

The media library.

Managing comments.

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