Digital Campus & Blended Learning Innovation Conference, 18-20 July 2017

Diane HockridgeNews, Webinar: Educational

Clariden Global is launching the Digital Campus and Blended Learning Innovation: The New Era of Teaching and Learning conference , to be held this coming 18–20 July 2017 at the Australian Events Centre in Melbourne. (Note change of venue from the originally advised Marriott Hotel.)

In recent years, the race to adopt blended learning has been intensified as more and more elite universities around the world start to integrate and expand the use of digital teaching in their academic offerings. While the pressure to improve teaching qualities with digital pedagogies is substantial, there has been an agonizing lack of empirical evidence on which blended learning model is the most effective. To help you create a truly student-centric learning experience and maintain your competitive edge in both local and international education market, the Digital Campus and Blended Learning Innovation conference has put together a series of sessions with a respectable line-up of speakers from reputable local and international institutions, to help delegates design effective blended learning programs:

1.       Experience Digital Campus of the Future with Blended Learning Innovations Embedded to Personalize Learning

2.       Examine Best Practice from Top Institutions Around the World that have Successfully Embarked on the Digital Transformation

3.       Engage Students Deeper by Utilizing Effective Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom and MOOC techniques

4.       Discover Blended Pedagogies that improve students’ agency

5.       Utilize Data Analytics to Understand and Raise Students’ Learning Outcomes

6.       Spearhead the Digital Transformation and Identify Resources Required to Improve Learning Innovations