Does ODLAA provide accreditation for educational providers? Can ODLAA direct an overseas organisation to the accrediting agency in Australia?

No. There is no Australian system of accreditation specifically for open and distance learning. ODLAA does not endorse courses or products. For further information on Australian educational accreditation refer to theDepartment of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Does ODLAA offer educational consulting services or endorse specific service providers?

No. However, ODLAA members include educational consultants and others who may be willing to take on consultancies in their areas of special interest. If you wish to circulate a project proposal, request for tender or seek expressions of interest more broadly across the ODLAA membership, please contact the Executive Officer. Please note that ODLAA has no role is recommending or endorsing the activities of any consultant and accepts no liability. Employers must make their own assessment of the suitability of a consultant for the work required.

Does an ODLAA logo on someone’s website mean that they are recognised as a quality agency by ODLAA?

Professional associations affiliated with ODLAA may display an ODLAA logo to demonstrate their affiliation. Corporate educational providers and training agencies cannot join ODLAA, although they may employ individuals who are members of ODLAA, and therefore should not display a logo in a way that implies organisational membership or endorsement. The presence of a logo on a website or within advertising materials must not be interpreted as ODLAA endorsement of products and services for the company involved, but rather represents the fact that that organisation sees itself as having objectives which are aligned with those of ODLAA.

Will ODLAA recognise the qualifications I gained in another country so that I can do further study in Australia?

ODLAA does not get involved in recognising skills or qualifications. This must be done through Australian Education International (AEI), in the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (AEI-NOOSR).

Can you tell me which institutions offer distance courses in . . . ?
Can you recommend somewhere for my study or my child’s study?

ODLAA has members from many institutions and cannot show partiality in recommending any one institution over another. Students from outside Australia should first consult the Study in Australia site for details of studying in Australia before searching individual organisational websites for specific course details or contact details for recruitment and student administration officers.

Links to information about online and distance courses in Australia may be obtained from the following government sources:

You can search for a university offering the type of course you want on the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations site.

Can I apply to ODLAA for financial support for my study?

ODLAA does not provide bursaries, scholarships or other financial support to students. However, students studying education courses are welcome to join ODLAA at a reduced rate so that they can participate in professional conversations about the field and access ODLAA resources.