Winners of ‘best paper’ award at Summit 2013

We are pleased to announce the following winners of the ‘best paper’ awards at Summit 2013:

  • Kerry Earl, “Using short text assignment formats in fully online courses: student perspectives”
  • Diane Hockridge, “Challenges for educators using distance and online education to prepare students for relational professions”
  • Angela Murphy, “Open educational practices in higher education: Institutional adoption and challenges”
  • Yasmin Na, “Application of classification tree model in predicting learners’ dropout behaviour in open and distance learning”.

Summit 2011 awards

The following awards were conferred at the ‘Education 2011 to 2021 Summit—Global challenges and perspectives of blended and distance learning’, held from 15–18 February 2011, in Sydney, Australia (see

Best papers

  • Jill Lawrence, Lorelle Burton, Jane Summers, Karen Noble, Peter Gibbings, “An associate dean’s community of practice: Rising to the leadership challenges of engaging distance students using blended models of teaching and learning”.
  • Mark JW Lee, Barney Dalgarno, Sue Gregory, Lauren Carlson, Belinda Tynan, “How are Australian and New Zealand educators using 3D immersive virtual worlds in their teaching”.
  • Julie Willems and Andrea Reupert, “Resilience and the distance higher degree by research candidate”.
  • Sandra Wills, “Rethinking reusability: implications from a longitudinal study of online role play in Australian higher education”.


  • Elizabeth Devonshire, Hannah Forsyth, Sharon Reid, Judy Simpson, “The challenges and opportunities of online postgraduate coursework programs in a traditional University context”.
  • Leanne Cameron, “Giving teaching advice meaning: The importance of contextualizing pedagogical instruction within the discipline”.
  • Sharon Watson, “Distance learner’s study related interactions with other people in their real life contexts: Investigating an unexplored phenomenon”.
  • Helen Farley, “Facilitating immersion in virtual worlds: community, engagement and flow”.
  • Trish Andrews, “Acknowledging the distance learner: the role of the student voice in enhancing the quality of the distance learner’s eLearning experience”.

Best Student Papers

  • Kate Reed—Kate Reed, Nathan Wise, Belinda Tynan, Carina Bossu, “Attrition in the digital age: Reminders from the literature”.
  • Janet Buchan—John Rafferty, Jenni Munday, Janet Buchan, “Ten rules of thumb in blended and flexible learning: a study on pedagogies, challenges and changing perspectives”.

Best Posters

  • Janet Buchan
  • Debra Hoven